Local bus transport

You wish to spend some hours in the city centre, do some shopping, visit cultural highlights etc.? The next bus (Dolmush) stop is 200m away and takes you to the desired destination.

Dolmush (literally means “filled up”) is something like a mini bus, something like a line taxi, and you have it in all parts of Turkey as a public way of transportation. Passengers pay according to the distance travelled and can get in and out whenever and wherever they want to by informing the driver. Fares are set, so when you get on state your destination and pass your money to the driver, who will return any change. The driver's destination will be displayed on the windscreen.

When you want to get off you’ll need to say the magic words: “Inecek Var”. Though “Stop” usually works!

Alanya 5 TL
Konakli 3 TL
Manavgat 8TL
Antalya 25TL